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EBIPHOB paint protect W

The first long lasting impregnation for paintings worldwide, without fluorine

Where to use EBIPHOB paint protect W can be applied on all painted surfaces such as car paintings, furnitures etc. Afterwards, these surfaces can be cleaned much more easily, dirt can be removed with water requiring no chemistry. Car paintings need rare wax treatment as the impregnation lasts about 100 car washes.
Application On car paintings, furnitures, synthetic surfaces and on tools used for households and gardening.
Status quo Up to the present silicone oils, siloxanes or resins and waxes were applied which did not stay on the surface for a long time. If the car was washed in a car wash, the effect disappeared afterwards.
Advantages EBIPHOB paint protect W does not contain any fluorinated silicones, it is just applied and works instantly without any delay – “EEE“ (the Ebiphob Express Effect) is responsible for this. Unbound and visible residues can be rinsed instantly with water. Spots or films on the surface do not occur.
Blend EBIPHOB paint protect W does not have to be blended, it comes ready for use in a bottle.
Data - Hydrous solution
- Food safe
- Without fluorine
- Not containing oil, wax or silicone resin
- No visible film on the surface
- 100% eco-friendly
- No allergenes, eudermic
- Application is very efficient
- Reduces the use of chemistry
How to use EBIPHOB paint protect W is applied in a very thin film by the use of a sponge, wiper or pad. Rinse with water afterwards. The impregnation effect shows instantly without any delay or drying.
Trading units Available in bottles from 100ml up to cans with 25 liters
Costs Information given on request depending on the size of the trading unit.
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