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EBIPHOB MR - Form release agent with nanotechnology

Resolves mould sticking problem and replaces silicon/wax spray as release agent during molding processes.


  • Single application may last up to 100.000 cycles (depending upon the quality of mould). Eliminates formation of mould fouling.
  • Productivity improvement – more parts per hour, reduced costs
  • Less maintenance of moulds
  • Withstands most chemicals
  • Enhances flow of resin in mould due to its co-efficient friction
  • Leaves no hazy marks after application
  • Doesn`t allows small parts to stick in core/cavities
  • Usage of silicon spray leaves wax deposit on the fine air vents with block ventilation – Ebiphob Mould Release Technology eliminates this problem
  • Eases color changes
  • Does not affect plastic unlike normal sprays


EBIPHOB Nano Mouldrelease Technology forms an eco-friendly protective layer on the surface of the moulds. Enabling the molded parts to release easily from the surface of the mould.


  • Is water based solution-enviroment friendly
  • Anticorrosive
  • Has extremely low co-efficient of friction
  • Is hydro-phobic (water repellant)
  • Is oleo-phobic (oil repellant)
  • Is non inflammable
  • Is non toxic
  • Can be used on all kinds of steel tools
  • Can withstand temperatures from -50 to +450 degree centigrade
  • Formulated to make your manufacturing hassle free



  • Clean mould with solution of Sodium Bicarbonate 6% to 10%
  • Dip inserts of Core, Cavity & Sliders into solution for approx. 30 minutes
  • For Higher tonnage moulds, use cloth dampened with solution of Sodium Bicarbonate and water
  • Clean with water so that the surface of the mould should be pH neutral and free from any residue of Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Take Isopropyl alcohol and rub on mould thoroughly
  • The Mould parts should have a dry surface before treatment
  • Apply selection by selection. Thinner the coating the better it is
  • Allow 2 – 3 Hour of curing time (exposed to air) before it sets and is ready to use




  • Applying EBIPHOB MR (Nano) Mouldrelease solution on corepins
  • spray on cavity bush
  • applying solution on small cavity inserts, on feeding system, on guide pillar


In case moulds are not to be used immedately, moulds are to be stored with a gap of 1 mm between the core und cavity to maintain the air circulation and to ensure thre is no flash rust on the surfaces.

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