Made in Austria
directly from the manufacturer

The best impregnation for concrete, stone, storefronts and ceramics

Compare and find out No adhesive residues, no solvents, no alcohol and also no fluorine. No glossy effect
and no bathocromatic shift.
How it works EBIPHOB S is a nano silicone technology product. It is the best impregnation
for porous and absorbent siliceous surfaces. It was made for application on
sandstone, concrete, artificial stone, finery, natural colored earthenware,
coarse stoneware tiles and safety tiles. A permanent molecular tightening of
the surface is formed. Dry surfaces are completely hydrophobic. No safety
measures are needed during application. EBIPHOB S is odorless, there are no
adhesive residues and the surface does not become darker.
Terms and definitions Hydrophobic= water repellent
Oleophobic= oil repellent
Super hydrophobic= neither oil nor water adhesion on the surface (lotus)
EEE= Ebiphob Express Effect (instant protection, no delay)
Easy to clean One large benefit of EBIPHOB S is the “easy to clean“ surface. It can be
cleaned without chemistry. Storefronts are water repellent. Water cannot
enter the surface anymore. Algae and mould cannot grow.
Status quo Unlike our competitors our impregnation does not contain silicones, resins,
waxes, silanes or siloxanes. At present, impregnations have to be renewed
every two years. EBOPHOB S is long lasting, it does not yellow and it cannot
be washed out.
Advantages in general

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Impregnated surfaces have a perfect dirt repellence and show a hydrophobic
effect after drying on storefronts and walls. A permanent, invisible, breathable
and mechanically resistant tightening is formed. Impregnated surfaces can be
cleaned by a jet of water, no chemistry is needed. Cleaning of protected
surfaces is significantly facilitated by the anti-adhesive effect. Organic
substances such as algae, moss or mould cannot grow on storefronts.
Fissures caused by heat or frost can be avoided.
Advantages in structure and monument conservation No extra film is formed on the surface, the open capillaries are closed with a silicone
matrix. The matrix does not prevent the stone from evaporating, no glossy and no
bathocromatic effect will show.
Advantages on ceramic EBIPHOB S can be applied on all open-celled silicate surfaces. Little
absorbent surfaces like stoneware only require the use of very little
impregnation. Unlike many other impregnations or coatings, re-impregnation is
easily possible if open cells are still there.
How to use

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Apply EBIPHOB S on clean and dry surfaces. You can walk on impregnated
floors during drying if no liquid is visible anymore. Avoid contact with water
until drying is no more visible. No special tools are needed for application. Use
a spraying device, a roller or a paint brush to apply. Tools can be rinsed with
water. EBIPHOB S does not bind any dirt like many conventional
impregnations based on silicones do. There is no way to do it wrong.
The perfect solution developed for the 21st century. reliable in application,
100% eco-friendly.


Visual nature: transparent, inodorous
Solution: hydrous, without solvents (VOC)
Cleaning of tools: with pure water
Storage: tight, frost-free, max. 12 months
EBIPHOB S comes ready for use
Application: once, quantity depending on the absorptive capacity of the surface
The “EEE“ – effect shows instantly when applied
Trading units Bottles 1 Liter
Bulk units 5, 10 or 25 Liters


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Image gallery
This is how the water repellence effect works with stone, concrete, storefronts, sandstone or granite. Moisture does not enter and therefore cannot cause any damage. Damages you will see on the following images can be easily and rapidly avoided – causing only little costs.
Concrete turns coarse, algae and moss destroy the surface. As you can easily see here, contact with water activates the growth of the algae. They cannot be seen if the surface is dry.
Municipalites and builder-owners will soon have to face a huge need of rehabilitation here. Damages arise from moisture entering causing rust later
Filigrane structures usually cause high costs when rehabilitated.  An impregnation with EBIPHOB avoids this.
Without impregnation, even small concrete bases will have to be rehabilitated with high costs
This natural vegetal cover can be avoided with an EBIPHOB impregnation. The next time it rains, the wall will stay dry, moss and algae die off.
Moss and algae grow on storefronts. Moisture can enter. The heat insulation does no more work.
Storefronts lose their heat insulation caused by moisture.
These ugly spots on granite cannot be imprgnated.
The concrete base of buildings should be protected by a graffiti protection, this faciliates removal.
Here an example of impregnated and non-impregnated sandstone.
Here, the owner will soon have to face a need of rehabilitation. Even granite shows a natural vegetal cover.
In a few years, this concrete wall will be destroyed by algae and moss.
These graffiti would easily be removable by an addiitional protection
Travertine is defaced by algae. This vegetal cover can only be removed by grinding the surface.
The impregnation prevents moisture from entering. Moss and algae cannot grow here.

Aktualisiert 20. April 2017

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