Glass and ceramic impregnation, no nano particles, one component, permanent, to be applied by hand

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Permanent glass and ceramic impregnation, easy to clean, without fluorine

Functionality EBIPHOB G for glass contains self-arranging ceramic silicium molecules in an alcoholic dilution and therefore is fully biocompatible, long-lasting and eco-friendly. No fluorine copolymer, silicone, wax, acrylic components, other polymers, synthetic or other coatings are used.
Application on glass There is no visual difference between coated and uncoated glass surfaces. The effect is based on the repellence of water and dirt. All kinds of glass surfaces used in- or outdoor can be impregnated with EBIPHOB G for permanent protection. Mechanical stress may reduce the hydrophobic effect (water repellence) but if the impregnation is repeated, there will not be any additional film on the surface. Cleaning is faciliated significantly as flow marks are avoided. Water is repelled on the spot which also avoids a water film. EBIPHOB G has an antireflective effect on windshields which allows more convenient driving especially at night-time and in rainy weather because of the anti-glare function of the glass. Dirt can be removed with pure water. This product is on top of all comparable products on sale at the moment.
No... Hydrocarbon, C9-C11, n- or iso-alcanes, cyclic compounds, benzol, VOC (solvent), aromates, silicones, polymers, oils, waxes or resins are used. Unlike many similar products,  EBIPHOB G does also not use any fluorine.
Data Ready to use solution
Visual nature: transparent
Solution: IPA (isopropanol)
Dilutable: no
Storage: long-lasting, tight, frost-protected
EBIPHOB G comes ready to use
Application: on dry surface, cover completely
How to use EBOPHOB G comes ready for use and is applied with a fleece or a cloth. Soiled surfaces must be cleaned before application as adhesive dirt reduces the effectiveness of the impregnation. The procedure can be coordinated with the application engineering in case of industrial use, we can provide a solution for automatic application already. The amount of impregnation used depends on the type of surface (hence its structure) and is usually between 2 and 3 ml per m2 (on polished glass). One litre usually covers between 400 and 500 m2. Due to the "EEE", protection is given immediately and in a long lasting way. Flow marks caused by a too large amount of impregnation can be polished, or even better, rinsed with water.
Trading units Set for cars
Single sachet
Bottles 10 ml bis 1 Liter
Bulk unit (25 Liters)
If you choose to use your own label, we can provide trading units exactly matching your request.
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EBIPHOB G – the best „ready to use“ glass impregnation without VOC
EBIPHOB GW – the first hydrous glass impregnation
EBIPHOB K – the “easy to clean“ impregnation for bathrooms and toilets
EBIPHOB spot-stop-granite – with oil proof and anti-spot effect
EBIPHOB Fleckstop-FV – bathocromatic and water proof effect
EBIPHOB AgProtect – prevents mould, viruses and bacteria
EBIPHOB paint protect W – the new long-lasting impregnation for car paints
EBIPHOB TX – protects upholstery fabric, textiles and carpets from soiling
EBIPHOB S – for mineral surfaces like concrete, walls, roofing and conventional tiles
EBIPHOB Lack – without VOC, permanent inorganic paint solution
EBIPHOB Mouldrelease – hybrid silicium nano technology for mould release

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